Best of '10s hard

Best of '10s

89 Canzoni
2000's Pop Hits hardest

2000's Pop Hits

125 Canzoni
2000's Country hard

2000's Country

109 Canzoni
1980 Italia medium

1980 Italia

67 Canzoni
Best of '00s hard

Best of '00s

91 Canzoni
Alternative '70s medium

Alternative '70s

79 Canzoni
Top Of the Dance 90s medium
2010 Italia medium

2010 Italia

73 Canzoni
Années 1970 medium

Années 1970

62 Canzoni
2000 Italia medium

2000 Italia

75 Canzoni
Alternative '00s medium

Alternative '00s

78 Canzoni
2000's Rap Mix hard

2000's Rap Mix

105 Canzoni
Best of '70s hard

Best of '70s

86 Canzoni
2000's Smash Hits medium

2000's Smash Hits

68 Canzoni
1960 Italia hard

1960 Italia

87 Canzoni
2000's Retrogamer hardest

2000's Retrogamer

139 Canzoni
Alternative '10s hard

Alternative '10s

96 Canzoni
60s Rock History hard

60s Rock History

94 Canzoni
2000's Happy Pop hard

2000's Happy Pop

86 Canzoni
Best of '90s hard

Best of '90s

97 Canzoni
2000's Hip-Hop hardest

2000's Hip-Hop

289 Canzoni
1970 Italia medium

1970 Italia

72 Canzoni
Alternative '60s medium

Alternative '60s

77 Canzoni
2000's Dance Party medium

2000's Dance Party

51 Canzoni
80s Rock History hardest

80s Rock History

80 Canzoni
2000's Folk Rock easy

2000's Folk Rock

39 Canzoni
1990 Italia medium

1990 Italia

78 Canzoni
2000's Movie Songs medium

2000's Movie Songs

70 Canzoni
Best Of '50s medium

Best Of '50s

74 Canzoni
2000's Love Songs medium

2000's Love Songs

67 Canzoni
70s Rock History hard

70s Rock History

115 Canzoni
90s Rock History easy

90s Rock History

46 Canzoni
2000's Pop Party medium

2000's Pop Party

70 Canzoni
Alternative '80s hard

Alternative '80s

94 Canzoni
Best of '80s hard

Best of '80s

98 Canzoni
Best of '60s hard

Best of '60s

94 Canzoni
00s Rock History hard

00s Rock History

86 Canzoni
2000's Alternative Rock hard
Alternative '90s hard

Alternative '90s

93 Canzoni